Christopher Frauenberger

Project leader of Social Play Technology. After studying Telematics at Graz University of Technology he went to London to study for his PhD at Queen Mary. He took up his first post-doctoral position at Sussex University to work on ECHOES II - working with children with autism to develop a virtual learning environment focusing on social skills. After 7 years in the UK, he moved to Brussels, Belgium where he took time off on a self-imposed sabbatical. After three years, and much quality time with his two small children, he was awarded a grant from the Austrian Science Foundation to return to Austria and to lead OutsideTheBox. He cycles, climbs and cooks.

Katta Spiel

Katta has a background in Cultural Studies and Computer Science from Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Before joining Social Play Technologies, Katta was also part of the successful OutsideTheBox project in which the research team co-designed technologies with individual autistic children. Katta's PhD centers around experiences of autistic children with technologies and including their first-hand perspectives. Other research interests include Games and Play, Critical Computer Science, Gender Studies and Philosophy of Science. Katta plays Roller Derby and can be found knitting in most meetings.

Laura Scheepmaker

Laura Scheepmaker is a PhD student and project assistant. She has studied Creative Technology (BSc) and Industrial Design Engineering (MSc) at the University of Twente (Netherlands). She has joined the Social Play Technologies project in 2017 in which smart objects are co-designed with autistic children.

Laura’s research interests are design research, research through design, participatory design with children with disabilities and designing smart products. Laura has worked as a teacher and social worker in Germany prior to her academic education.